Five Steps to Dominate in 2017

New Years are about celebration, reflection and charting a more successful path forward. For many there is a focus on resolutions and goals. However, to achieve the goals we make there must be alterations to our mental model so our efforts lead to the personal and professional victories we desire. Here are five perspectives to help drive the breakthrough you deserve in 2017.

Celebrate Daily Progress, Small Wins – For most, the illusions of fairness slow you down. Why did they cheat? That’s not fair. My boss is playing favorites. Trump won the election and that makes me mad. I’m African American or a woman. There will always be opposition and those promoted because of politics versus production. Your game plan must be built to overcome and win in spite of barriers. Politics are real, and perfection is elusive but our daily progress, celebration of small wins combined with the will to persist in spite of difficulties, builds the foundation for larger aspirations.

Eliminate Roadblocks to Productivity – The real focus in 2017 is productivity. Work ethic is often confused with how many hours you put in. The key to productivity is more than just having goals, but identifying and eliminating the roadblocks in your way. What are the things in your personal life that are impacting professional growth? What are the issues at work where you need to partner with your manager to create a more productive work experience. What good is working 60 hours per week in quicksand? Setting new year’s goals is what everyone does. Identifying and removal of the blockers to progress is what will allow you to achieve the goals that you seek. Finally, it’s hard to be productive without time to think and reflect. You cannot be insightful while drowning in digital inputs, jumping from meeting to meeting, or writing reports no one reads. Take time and create space to have time to reflect and ensure your actions are thoughtful and aligned with goals you seek. 2017 should be about thoughtful action rather than the addiction to busy that most people have.

Create Personal Accountability and Coaching – Blaming others doesn’t work. It may feel good, but as my dad told me “no one cares how good you are at the blame game.” 2017 is about what we are gonna do to create the progress we seek. When you win, there are reasons. When you struggle, there are reasons. Start with a mirror and look within for accountability. Step two, coachability. Take that list and make it your mission to find a mentor, coach, or manager to support you in making changes. People pay for expert advice for golf lessons, yoga classes, personal trainers, and a host of other recreational pursuits. When you invest in expert guidance to win professionally, you get to keep the raise, the promotion or profits.
Choose a Leadership Team – People rise to the expectation of a leadership team they trust and admire. Choose to work for people that have high expectations of you and balance of compliments, critique and coaching. The secret sauce is that you should invest your working hours with a firm that provides security, enjoyment, and hopes for a better future. Work is challenging enough, and 2017 should be about being in a place where you can rise to your potential versus wallowing in a situation where being average is your destiny. Finally, you should have chemistry with your manager but ensure that the CEO has goals big enough that only your best effort will do.The time to create momentum in your career is short so you need a place that builds a platform for you to do great work and be recognized.

Have the Attitude of a Champion – I simply have no interest in relating to people who believe in wealth without work, playing it safe, or allowing dreams to play out on the pillow. I have fewer friends than most but the ones I have are dreamchasers, job creators and risk takers. Whether it’s ministry, real estate, non-profits or business, we chase the vision and have the resulting self-image of a champion as we know that our tomorrow will be better than today. Perfection is elusive, but we can make progress each day.

2017 comes down to the type of person you want to be. Whether you are a CEO, janitor, teacher, student, engineer or intern, the choices are really clear. You either deliver results or you do not. Hopefully the thoughts above will help you have a dominant performance in 2017 where you set and exceed your personal best because of your commitment to the changes required to achieve your goals.