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Donald Thompson Business Consulting

Business Consulting makes the path clear

Every business needs clarity of purpose and a plan to achieve its goals. A strategic plan is the road-map aligning your team, and your business values to achieve these goals. Effective plans are short, sharp and succinct and are based on 90 day cycles. They identify tasks, timelines and responsibility.  Business consulting from a qualified professional can help your company in all these areas.

Donald is able to work with you to ensure alignment of your team, by designing and helping you implement a strategic plan. By guiding and mentoring your leadership team, Donald draws on their insight and experience to build on existing plans, work, history and skills, to effectively implement the plan within your business.

Key Benefits of having a Business Consultant

  • Business Consulting RaleighBusiness Consultants can provide a new and fresh perspective to your business. Donald has experience in building and leading several companies across multiple industries.   This experience allows him to view your business from different angles outside of a business owner’s limited view.
  • Business Consultants have a strong skillset in terms of business analysis.   Donald possesses the ability to ask the right questions, at the right time, and of the right people.  He can then analyze this information, draw conclusions, and make recommendations that can advance your business past any obstacles or capitalize fully on any business successes.

  • Business Consultants have a result-oriented focus.  Donald’s approach to entrepreneurship and leadership has been to make decisions that lead to the achievement of the companies targets and goals.  Donald has the experience to help you set the right goals and milestones for your business.  He will then help you build a strategy that will ultimately lead to your achievement of these milestones and ultimate business success.

  • Business Consultants allow you to hone your ideas.   Business owners have a million ideas of ways to generate revenue and grow their business.  Donald’s experience across a multitude of industries allows him to guide your ideas and focus your strategy in order to implement the ideas that will be the most successful for your company.


Strategy built from experience

Building Business Strategy
 Donald has a history of mentoring and guiding companies from startup to profitability.  Through his experiences he developed a skillset that allows him to analyze a business and an industry landscape effectively.  He will use those experiences to help build a strategy to advance your company to the next level through his business consulting.  He can aid you in goal setting and setting milestones that will align with your company’s vision.
 Are you ready to take your next levels of personal success?  Sign up for a free business strategy  evaluation session! In the initial session you will receive:
  • An individual assessment of your current business strategy
  • An assessment of your company’s current milestones and goals
  • Develop a strength and weakness of your current company
  • Help develop a plan to turn your company’s strategy onto path of profitability