Donald Thompson - Background


Whether you are looking to catapult your personal success or take your business to the next level, Donald is highly sought as a coach and advisor. Donald has partnered with professionals and organizations worldwide to create strategies that deliver results through overcoming challenges, planning for the future and maximizing success.

Personal Coaching

The definition of success is different for every person. So is the path to achieving it. Whether your vision involves determining the right career, landing that next leadership position, leaving a legacy or making a difference in your work and life, Donald has the knowledge, resources, and abilities to help you climb your personal ladder of success.
Donald’s approach is customized to your unique needs and goals. He has been where you are, and has real world experience dealing with the issues that you face. He owns his own businesses, climbed the corporate ladder, and even navigated challenges and disappointments in his careers along the way. These experiences enrich the ability to bring both insight and practical tips and techniques you need to overcome any obstacles on your way to success.

Strategic Planning

Every business needs clarity of purpose and a plan to achieve its goals. A strategic plan is the road-map aligning your team, and your business values to achieve these goals. Effective plans are short, sharp and succinct and are based on 90 day cycles. They identify tasks, timelines and responsibility.

Donald is able to work with you to ensure alignment of your team, by designing and helping you implement a strategic plan. By guiding and mentoring your leadership team, Donald draws on their insight and experience to build on existing plans, work, history and skills, to effectively implement the plan within your business.

Advisory Board Service

As businesses grow in complexity and size, the ability of a business owner or leader to manage and lead the business becomes more challenged. Typical skills gaps appear in areas such as marketing, sales, industry trends, long-range planning, corporate partnerships and strategic human resources.

Donald works with leaders to unlock the potential for growth in dynamic organizations. Having consulted with a wide variety of companies, ranging from large, established organizations to startup private companies, Donald’s ‘thought leadership,’ guides organization through business improvement, business reorganization, enterprise risk management, information technology services and risk, and mergers and acquisitions.