A company I’m proud to be a part of, Creative Allies, has joined the cause of creating opportunity for people of color, as we engage with the HBCU community to create innovative funding opportunities. We recently launched a new social impact brand, Ally Originals, a place where we will feature stunning art pieces designed by our global community. Much in the same way others have partnered with HBCUs and their global communities, Ally Originals facilitates the giveback through celebrating our Jazz Collection, inspired by the musical genre started in New Orleans by African-American musicians 100 years ago.



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As a global executive, Donald credits his success to hard work and good mentorship. Strategies for high performance can be found in his ebook series, Leadership Lessons. Donald is currently writing his first book entitled, The Unlikely CEO, which shares his journey and lessons learned in his rise from college drop out to renowned business leader.

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Donald is a highly recognized keynote speaker, known for his unique blend of humor, personal anecdotes and lessons on leadership, performance and teamwork. Donald speaks to groups from middle school age to adults, aspiring professionals to global executives.

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Whether you are looking to catapult your personal success or take your business to the next level, Donald is highly sought as a coach and advisor. Donald has partnered with professionals and organizations worldwide to create strategies that deliver results through overcoming challenges, planning for the future and maximizing success.

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Five Steps to Dominate in 2017

New Years are about celebration, reflection and charting a more successful path forward. For many there is a focus on resolutions and goals. However, to achieve the goals we make there must be alterations to our mental model so our efforts lead to the personal and professional victories we desire. Here are five perspectives to […]

Creative Allies: Disrupting the Crowd, Optimizing Digital

You’d be forgiven for thinking that Creative Allies itself was born between 1980 and 1995, since the company is so immersed in the millennial experience. Creative Allies is an emerging platform that’s disrupting digital in the service of brands looking to crack and retain the millennial buying market in a big way. Founded in 2009, […]